Starterpack: 2 x 4 flavors Focus & Energy Drink for €5,95 OR Starterpack Deluxe: 4 flavors Focus & Energy Drink + Blender Bottle Shaker for €12,95

About ACTIV8

Hi! We’re Activ8. Nice to meet you! You’re probably wondering what and who Activ8 is… right? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s find out all about Activ8. Activ8 is a brand that’s all about activating what’s already in you. Be the best version that you can be.

The Activ8 team consists of people who love gaming and creating products! Infinite Focus doesn’t only stand for focus during gaming, to us it means a lot more: It stands for infinite focus on our customers, infinite focus on our product quality, and infinite focus on our community.


Our products are created all while keeping the gamer lifestyle in mind. Energy drinks in general may give you energy (well, duh) but forget the fact that as a gamer you also need better reaction speed, and above all, focus. Our Focus & Energy drink takes care of that!

Activ8 is for everyone, whether you’re an E-sports pro, a recreational gamer, or maybe even someone who doesn’t like gaming at all (we’ll change your mind). Our Focus & Energy drink comes in four delicious flavors (more coming up!) and we have 3 different supplements that fit your needs. And, have you checked out our merch yet? We’ve got some super comfy hoodies, and a handy-dandy Activ8 Blender Bottle Shaker!

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We have 25 years of product development and production experience. In these 25 years, we’ve noticed that there’s nothing that fully fulfills the needs of gamers, and we wanted to change that! So, that’s where Activ8 comes in: A brand created with the gaming lifestyle in mind. Activ8 is innovating. We have a factory and lab, which are located in a small town called Haps in the Netherlands, so we can play around and create new flavors whenever we like, continuously improve our products, and develop new ones.  We love our job and we love sharing our innovations with you!